Hangxin signs GTA Maintenance Services Agreement with Boeing

                Release date:2019-02-26

                On February 25,2019, Hangxin Aviation Services Co., Ltd. (referred to as HAS), owned by Guangzhou Hangxin Aviation Technology Co., Ltd(referred to as Hangxin)., signed GTA (General Terms and Agreement) Maintenance Services Agreement with Boeing.With effect from the data of signing the agreement, HAS will work with Hangxin Avionics and Shanghai Hangxin to provide Boeing with a two-year comprehensive service including maintenance, Warehousing, logistics, exchange, etc., achieving a deeper and comprehensive cooperation with Boeing.

                The signing of this agreement drives a better partnership between HAS and Boeing, it also contributes to the improvement of Hangxin's overall strength in maintenance, quality, management and soon aspects while reinforcing the mutual communication and advance, and it offers a force to Hangxin for advancing its international aviation comprehensive support service and accelerating the strategic objective of international development.

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