Hangxin passed Boeing Quality Audit

                Release date:2018-11-01

                Recently, Boeing auditors conducted on-site quality audits on Haixin Avionics, and successfully passed the audit.

                According to the EASA and FAA regulations and Boeing's customized requirements, Boeing conducted detailed inspections on the maintenance records, training management, equipment calibration, plant facilities, and technical data control of the repaired components of Boeing company. After a comprehensive understanding of the maintenance capabilities of Hangxin Avionics, Boeing Company fully affirmed the maintenance management and repair quality, and believed that the quality management system of Hangxin Avionics can continue to meet Boeing's supplier audit standards and certification requirements.

                Hangxin and Boeing have always established long-term friendly partnerships, and have extensive cooperation in the maintenance of accessories and trading. Hangxin is one of the first authorized maintenance service providers of Boeing in China.

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